Parking Management System

State of the art IT based Parking Management System (PMS) was introduced from day one of parking operations. Handheld PDAs alongwith printers and other necessary gadgets including wireless sets have been provided to all parking attendants. All PDAs are equipped with internet facility to ensure updation of database to servers. 15 PDAs alongwith printers and 30 batteries have been procured to ensure smooth and uninterrupted issuance of parking receipts to customers. Live monitoring of parking cash collection is being done from control room based in LDCMMC head office. Complete uniform kits have been provided to parking team

Strategic Intent

To ensure well managed and organised parking facility for incoming traders and visitors so that they can park their vehicles in designated parking areas, resulting in free & clear road arteries connecting the cattle market, to ensure safety of vehicles parked by traders and to provide theft free parking facility.


Enlisted below are the prime objectives of Parking Management System:
  • Organised and well managed parking facility
  • Collection of parking fee in transparent manner using IT based Parking Management System (PMS)
  • Theft free parking 
  • Strictly one-way traffic (i.e. separate entry exit points for trucks)
  • Development of loading unloading bays wherever required
  • Availability of Clean & Clear parking space to every visitor
  • No traffic congestion on main and internal road arteries
  • Identification of plots for additional parking facility on rental basis for special event of Eid ul Azha

Approved Parking Rates

Following rates were approved by competent authority for self-managed parking facility at all cattle markets of Lahore Division:  

Vehicle Type Amount in PKR
22 Wheelers 2500
10 Wheelers 1200 
Bradford Truck 1100
Mazda Dala 1000
Shezore 300
Pickup 150
Rickshaw 50
Car 50
Bike 20

Shahpur Kanjran

Parking will be managed by LDCMMC for every visitor. In the past, there was no designated parking space available in Shahpur Kanjra Cattle Market Lahore. For this purpose, a newly designated parking area was identified by LDCMMC which is 120 kanals adjacent to the road connecting the high-noon laboratories. Almost 582 trucks and 80 cars can be parked according to rough estimates, but it needs to be levelled and strengthened to withhold massive loads of trucks. Secondly, rain water accumulation must be curtailed since it discourages drivers to park their vehicles in this area.Levelling of parking space will be included as part of the cleaning civil work for Shahpur Kanjran

Performance Indicator 

  • No traffic congestion or on Multan road and High-noon and PAMCO roads for Shahpur Kanjran market
  • No traffic congestion on Sargodha Bypass road for Sheikhupura Market
  • Feedback from drivers
  • No complaints of vehicle theft
  • Availability of parking space at all times

The Shahpur Kanjran and Sheikhupura Market receive a large audience each week due to their centrality and trade volume. This often results in traffic congestion on the connecting arteries in Shahpur Kanjran Cattle Market Lahore. The figures below give a glimpse of the vehicle load for each market

Approximate Of Vehicles /Week  Check Point 
22 Wheelers 27
10 Wheelers 24
Bradford Truck 182
Mazda Dala 1337
Shezore 302
Pickup 424
Rickshaw 187
Car 118
Bike 223
Total 2824

Operational parking area of Shahpur Kanjran cattle market is approximately 120 kanals. New loading unloading bays have been developed by LDCMMC to ensure max parking of trucks inside parking area. This parking space can accommodate 560 Bradford trucks/ Mazda and 24 large trucks (22 wheeler)


 Bay Eise Parking Capacity is Given in Table Below:

SR # Bay No Avaliable Parking Length  Parking Capacity Vehicle Type
1 Bay 1 330 ft 30

Mazda and Bradford


2 Bay 2 500 ft 45
3 Bay 3 440 ft 80
4 Bay 4 440 ft 80
5 Bay 5 615 ft 56
6 Bay 6 360 ft 24 22 Wheeler Truck
7 Bay 7 615 ft 56

Mazda and Bradford 


8 Bay 8 580 ft 106
9 Bay 9 580 ft 106


Although parking space allocated for trucks in Sheikhupura model cattle market is very limited and can accommodate 50 trucks only, a free space of 120 kanals (Property of TMA) is available in front of the cattle market that accommodates all incoming trucks. Separate parking lots have been identified for each category of vehicles i.e. 22 wheeler trucks, Mazda, Pickup, car and bike

Congestion on Sheikhupura-Sargodha bypass road and Multan road, 100 rs. Unloading fee/ruminant, and 150 rs loading fee/ruminant at Sheikhupura. Lots of complaints for car/ bike theft cases.

Guards at Sheikhupura Market parking- 01 at bike parking area & entrance barrier, 02 at truck parking for patrolling and assistance of incoming drivers, 02 the vehicle entrance point.

LDCMMC introduced dedicated parking team in March 2016 consisting of 01 AM Parking, 02 parking supervisors and 13 parking attendants.

In Sheikhupura Market, paved parking capacity to accommodate over 600 trucks, 50 cars, 200 pickups, and 500 bikes at a time has been made. The problem of traffic congestion has been eliminated. However, at the loading/unloading gates, congestion seems to be a problem. With the E-tagging system, congestion has increased. In order to deal with this, gates near E-tagging booths have been setup to streamline animal flow.


Approximate Of Vehicles /Week  Check Point  


22 Wheelers  --
10 Wheelers 8
Bradford Truck 34
Mazda Dala 244
Shezore 327
Pickup 391
Rickshaw 84
Car 95
Bike 786
Total 1969