Pakistan Cattle Show

About the Show

Pakistan Cattle Show 2016 was organized by Lahore Division Cattle Market Management Company at Model Cattle Market Sheikhupura with an aim to promote indigenous breeds of Punjab province and competition among breeders and traders of local breeds apart from regular sale purchase activities of cattle at the market.

Salient Features

Salient events & features of Pakistan Cattle Show 2016 included:
  • Milking competition for Neeli Ravi Buffalo
  • Milking Competition for Sahiwal Cow
  • Breed show for Neeli Ravi Bull
  • Breed show for Sahiwal Bull
  • Virtual Farm Tours
  • Awareness Seminars
  • Free Milk Corner
  • Traditional Horse Dance
  • Stalls of Different Companies from Veterinary, Agriculture and Telecom sector
  • Corporate lunch
Thousands of visitors witnessed best milking queens of Pakistan setting new heights of milk production in two lactations.


Enlisted below are the prime objectives of the show 2016:
  • Encouragement of local breeds of animals and traders
  • Awareness for improving breed quality
  • Laying ground-work for future agri-business center
  • Portrayal of Model Cattle Market in a positive way
  • Interaction of traders and veterinary companies
  • Awareness of traders and visitors about cattle farming and modern techniques
  • Entertainment for traders besides routine sale purchase activities


Following registrations were received from animal owners for participation in Pakistan Cattle Show 2016:
  • SN Category # of registrations
  •  Neeli Ravi Buffalo (Milking) 26
  •  Sahiwal Cow (Milking) -
  •  Neeli Ravi Bull 13
  •  Sahiwal Bull 11

Total: 50

Unfortunately no registration could be received for Sahiwal cow (milking competition) category due to off season.

Participation of Companies

Various companies of different sectors of Pakistan participated in this event. Companies ranging from the agriculture sector to the pharmaceutical and dairy sector also participated. 
Companies benefited from interaction with several prospective clients, farmers and traders. A great chance to showcase their products to the public was utilized by the participants of PCS 2016. The crowd took a huge interest in the several products being displayed, like tractors from Millet Tractors, mobile milking machines from Dairy solution and Dairy house and the several medicines and animal feed. 
The following companies participated in PCS 2016, are:


Names Deals In

Millat Tractor LTD  Tractors and agricultural machinery
Dairyhouse Milking machinery
Dairy Solution Milking machinery
Saadat International Veterinary medicines
ICI Pakistan Veterinary medicines & Animal Feed
Organon Animal Feed
Punjanad feeds Animal Feed
Um Enterprises Veterinary medicines
Symans Pharma Pharmaceutical 
UVAS Veterinary & Animal Sciences
Ghandhara Nissan Dong Feng LCV & HCV Trucks
Zong/ Telenor Telecommunication

Appeal Committee

Appeal committee comprised of following members to consider any appeals against decisions taken by judges:
  • Ch. Sajjad Haider Gujjar (MPA)
  • Dr. Ahtasham u Rehman (MD LDCMMC)
  • Saeed Hassan Hotiana (President Buffalo Breeders Association)

Panel of Judges

Judges were nominated for each category in chairmanship of Ch. Sajjad Haider Gujjar with a good mix of farmers, representatives of breeder associations and government officials. Following judges were nominated for each category:

Neeli Ravi Buffalo

Following judges were nominated for the category of Neeli Ravi Buffalo for milking competition:
  • Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha (VC UVAS)
  • Dr. Tariq Sethi (DLO Livestock, Sheikhupura)
  • Ch. M. Ashiq Gujjar (Farmer)
  • Dr. Farrukh Bhatti (Farmer)
  • Engr. Sami Ullah (Buffalo reeders Association)
  • Sardar Shehzad Dogar (Farmer)
  • Ch. Sultan Golden (Chairman UC)

Sahiwal Cow

Following judges were nominated for the category of Sahiwal Cow (Milking):
  •  M. Imran Basharat (Sahiwal Breed Association)
  •  Rana Ahmad Sher Joya (Sahiwal Breed Association)
  •  Ashraf Bhatti (Sahiwal Breed Association)
  •  Haji Shaukat Dogar (Farmer)
  •  Ghalib Hayat (Farmer)

Neeli Ravi Bull

Following judges were nominated for category of Neeli Ravi Bulls:
  •  Dr. Sajjad Khan (Dean UAF)
  •  Prof. Dr. Aleem Bhatti (UVAS)
  •  Peer Syed Israr Shah (Farmer)
  •  Ejaz Ahmad Maan (Buffalo Breeder Association)
  •  Aftab Ahmad Cheema
  •  Muhammad Ahmad Lalika

Sahiwal Bull

  • Following judges were nominated for the category of Sahiwal Bulls:
  •  Dr. Tariq Sethi (DLO Livestock Sheikhupura)
  •  M. Imran Basharat (Sahiwal Breed Association)
  •  Rana Ahmad Sher Joya (Sahiwal Breed Association)
  •  Ashraf Bhatti (Sahiwal Breed Association)
  •  Prof Dr Aleem Bhatti (UVAS)
  •  Dr. Abdullah (UVAS)

Notable Guests

Distinguished guests of Pakistan Cattle Show 2016 included:

  • Sardar Irfan Dogar (MNA)
  • Ch. Sajjad Haider Gujjar (MPA)
  • Ch. Fazian Khalid Virk (MPA)
  • Dr. Tallat Naseer Pasha (VC UVAS)
  • Dr. Sajjad Khan (Dean UAF)
  • Muhammad Ikram (GM Marketing, Millat Tractors)
  • Managing Directors of Cattle Market Management Companies of all Divisions of Punjab
  • Honorable judges from Buffalo Breeders Association
  • Dr. Tariq Sethi (DLO Livestock, Sheikhupura)
  • A guest from China to see quality milking animals of Pakistan

Competition Results

Milking Competition Buffalo Neeli Ravi: Best quality of Neeli Ravi buffalos bred by farmers competed in Pakistan Cattle Show 2016. Two dry milking lactations were done on 16th Nov 2016 at 05:00 am and 05:00 pm followed by two official lactations on 17th Nov 2016 at 05:00 am and 05:00 pm. Winning buffalo owners include:
Position  Name  Animal Name  Area Milk in Two Lacations (Kg) Prize Amount (Rs.)
1st  Qaisar Rehman Mastani Lahore Lahore     29.976 300,000
2nd Akhtar Rasool Yaman Faisalabad     28.844 200,000
3rd Saif Ullah Makhan Lahore     28.276


Sahiwal Bull

Following owners of the glamorous Sahiwal bulls were honored with best breed awards based on combined attributes:
Position Name Animal Name Area                    Prize Amount (Rs.)
1st  Sardar Muhammad Aftab Ahmad Khan C-06 Khanewal 100,000
2nd  Zulfiqar Ali C-01 Gujranwala 75,000
3rd Muhammad Saleem C-11 Sheikhupura 50,000

Neeli Ravi Bull

Following owners of the glamorous Neeli Ravi bulls were honored with best breed awards based on combined attributes:

Position  Name Animal Tag Area                            Prize Amount (Rs.)
1st  Asghar Khan B-07 Farooqabad 100,000
2nd Ch Rashid Mahmood B-06 Nowshehra Virrkan 75,000
3rd Rafaqat Hussain B-13 Sheikhupura 50,000
3rd Muneer Ahmad Gondal B-04 Mandi Bahaudin 50,000


16th November 2016 to 17th November 2016

Venue: Model Cattle Market Sheikhupura