Animal Registration & Identification System

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The Company launched its landmark project with immense innovation in the development and implementation of Animal Registration and Identification System (ARIS) at model cattle market of Sheikhupura and Shahpur Kanjra Cattle Market Lahore.

Salient Features

Salient features of ARIS are as follow:

  • All animals entering the cattle market are being tagged after veterinary inspection.
  • Record of animal’s breed information, ownership information, sale purchase value and veterinary inspection is automatically updated in computers. 
  • Access to all data has been provided through dedicated web portal of ARIS.
  • Establishing proof of ownership.
  • Livestock recovered after theft could be returned to their rightful owner.
  • Tagged animals can be checked for the registration documents at various police check posts across province, thus eliminates the movement of stolen as well as illegal livestock trades. 
  • Segregation of animals in terms of weight, health status, origin etc. and thus facilitate buyers and sellers to easily pick the right animal for their need.
  • Animals for slaughtering purpose will be registered & tagged, and the relevant data will be shared with exporters and slaughterhouses to confirm the traceability of animal traded in the cattle market.